Available Datasheets

  • PALPROP® R C 05 GF 40
  • PALPROP® R C 15 GF 30
  • PALPROP® R C 15 T 20 H1.0
  • PALPROP® R C 15 T 20 SC
  • PALPROP® R C 15 T 20
  • PALPROP® R C 15 T 30
  • PALPROP® R C 15 T 40
  • PALPROP® R C 25
  • PALPROP® R C H05 GF30 H2.0
  • PALPROP® R C H 05 GF 30 H
  • PALPROP® R C L 15 T 20 H

More types are available on request. Please refer to the datasheets for individual product characteristics with preferred applications and properties with benchmarks, test conditions and applied standards.

PALPROP® is the registered trademark of the pal plast GmbH for the semi-crystalline, thermoplastic material polypropylen (PP). Both homopolymer and copolyer grades are manufactured at our plant. Our products are at the moment used in industrial applications as well as in building, automotive and furniture.