Available Datasheets

  • PALRAN® R S 10
  • PALRAN® R S 20
  • PALRAN® R S 30
  • PALRAN® R S 40
  • PALRAN® R S GF 17
  • PALRAN® R S H 08
  • PALRAN® R S H 08 GF 16
  • PALRAN® R S H 08 LB

More types are available on request. Please refer to the datasheets for individual product characteristics with preferred applications and properties with benchmarks, test conditions and applied standards.

PALRAN® is the registered trademark of the pal plast GmbH for the amorphous, thermoplastic material Acrylnitril-Butadien-Styrol (ABS) and for Acrylester-Styrol-Acrylnitril (ASA).