With our production facilities we are offering toll-productions such as toll-regrinding, toll-recycling and toll-compound of our customers materials in order to realize a reuse at the original production line. Our toll-services are offering a variety of outsourcing and cost-reduction-potentials. Together with our customers we are developing individual close-loopand reprocessing-concepts, which may contain the following:


Regrinding of sprues and runners with subsequent de-dusting und de-metalizing. Upon request we are buying your occurring production scrap completely and only customer identified materials are reprocessed.


production of high-quality granules from regrinds. Metal detectors and melt-filtration ensure a high level of purity. Our quality tests are guarantying the requested quality.


Order-based production of compounds on the basis of virgin material and additives according to a predetermined composition.


Coloradjustmens and the use of additive are possible to realize the requested material properties of our customers.